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Author Topic: 8. Defective Operating Rod Spring  (Read 5320 times)


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8. Defective Operating Rod Spring
« on: October 20, 2012, 12:58:41 AM »
 The operating rod spring is probably the single most critical component to the proper cycling of your M1 Rifle. The op-rod spring connects to the follower rod and slides inside the op-rod tube. This spring provides the force required to properly cycle the rifle. Many M1's are shipped with springs that have seen significant service and need to be replaced. Your first purchase for parts should always include a new op-rod spring.

 It is hard to determine if an op-rod spring is still serviceable. Measuring spring length alone doesn't tell us if the spring constant has changed in the past decades of service. You can purchase new replacement springs cheaply and should do so when putting an M1 rifle back into service or diagnosing malfunctions. Remember to grease the op-rod spring when re-installing.

A 5 pound weight should compress the spring to 17.75 - 1"

A 16 pound weight should compress the spring to 12.75 - 1"

 Worn out or broken Operating Rod Springs are the #1 cause of malfunctions in the M1 Garand. You should replace your spring and keep a spare one on hand just in case of an emergency.


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