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Author Topic: 7. Valve Leak in the Gas Cylinder Lock Screw (Plug)  (Read 5379 times)


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7. Valve Leak in the Gas Cylinder Lock Screw (Plug)
« on: October 20, 2012, 12:57:17 AM »
 Insert a small rod in the screw driver end of the gas cylinder lock screw (Plug) and raise the valve from its seat. Inspect for burs and foreign matter. If leaking gas is allowed to escape through the valve and will dissipate the force necessary to drive the operating rod to the rear. This can cause a short recoil malfunction. Inspect the function of the valve spring to see that it closes the valve tightly in its seat. Replace all gas cylinder lock screws which have burs on the valve face or seat, or where the spring tension is insufficient to seat the valve tightly.

The gas plug can come lose during firing if it isn't torqued to at least 10 ft-lbs. A 1/4" socket extension can be used to help tighten the gas cylinder lock screw (plug). Always use a gas cylinder wrench when tightening. Supporting the gas cylinder prevents the torque from being transferred to the barrel splines.


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