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Author Topic: 5.Carbon in the Gas Cylinder  (Read 5456 times)


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5.Carbon in the Gas Cylinder
« on: October 20, 2012, 12:52:33 AM »
 If too much accumulated deposits of carbon form in the gas cylinder, the rifle may short stroke. Remove the lock screw and remove the carbon with a soft brass screw driver blade or a similar instrument. The gas cylinder lock may be removed and the screw reinserted in the gas cylinder. thread the screw in far enough to break loose the carbon. Exercise care not to cross the threads. The inside of the gas cylinder is to be thoroughly wiped clean and oiled. A few drops of oil placed between the rear gas cylinder lug and the operating rod, with the muzzle tipped down, will be sufficient. Hand operate the rod through a few cycles to distribute the oil properly.


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