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Author Topic: ar15 versus m4 difference  (Read 759 times)

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ar15 versus m4 difference
« on: August 20, 2012, 11:20:11 PM »
The M4 is the civilian AR-15d.

The M4 is a 16" barrel with the retractable stock. There are so many customizations that the "m4" varieties is infinite.

Generally a Standard AR15 has a fixed stock and 20" barrel.  Hence with the countless modifications available, an M4 can be made indistinguishable to an AR15.

The real issue/question is how does the AR15/M4 compare to M16:

Of course principally the M16 is fully automatic.

The original US military issue was the M16 or Ar15 with a 20" barrel.

Then, the M16A1 was released... upgraded with a forward assist.

Then, the M16A2 was released... with a new rear sight system and a heavier 20" barrel  and a round for-end. The M16A2 was semi/ 3 round burst instead of full auto... which was determine to be more effective/efficient for combat purposes.

Then, M16A3 was released... which is the same rifle as the A2 with the removable carry handle.

The M4 carbine (civilian) has the 16" barrel with the adjustable stock.

There are countless minor modifications over the years.... but the main is the evolution in a nutshell.


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